“Networking” is in times of social media on everyones lips …

What exactly is networking? How could we all benefit from it? On the flipside what are its risks and limitations? Why is it becoming increasingly important and how can you personally benefit from it in? These are all questions that we want to adress in our article.

Let´s start with a kind of a definition:

“Networking is an active structure with people as well the maintenance of contacts and relationships with different people, resulting in a network of relationships developed.  A network could comprise of personal contacts such as friends, neighbours, family and acquaintances, or colleagues, vendor partners in your professional contacts. The people within a network with diverse backgrounds, interest, knowledge, experiences, can be a good source of support.”

A good network is not only critical for success in professional life as good contacts often bring a decisive advantage but also could be really valuable in all situations of life. By and large, a good network brings two main advantages: it is an important source of information and allows the access to a pool of different abilities.

Even in this technology age where information is easily accessible, it is invaluable to “talk” to people, share experiences and best practice. The flood of information via the internet could become an endless jungle and leave individuals helpless and overwhelmed. To network with like-minded people, people facing similar challenges in life as you, learning from others’ experience will be very beneficial and helpful. First of all, you can find out that you are not alone in that situation and you can benefit from their recommendations. The contact persons might also have other skills, other perspectives and completely new recommendations and tips.

In order for you to successfully practice “networking”, here are some tips:

1.     Be patient! A good network takes time to build.

2.     Inform your contacts about your goals, plans, current challenges and why you are contacting that individual. With the clarity, your contacts know how they may be of assistance.

3.     Be selective! It is not the quantity, but the quality of each contact that counts! A small network of close contacts can sometimes be more useful than a large network with fewer close contacts and less frequent exchanges or sharing.

4.     If you are contacted by another person, please take this contact as seriously as you would have liked, as if you had reached out to someone.

5.     Be gracious and appreciative to those who have provided you with valuable information or good contacts and, if possible, inform them of any positive outcomes.

6.     Find out what your contacts need and try to help them as much as possible. Networking is not a one-way street!

7.     Do not rely solely on your network. It can be helpful but does not always solve all the problems. So explore other opportunities to get support, help or information as well.

8.     Keep an eye on the dangers and negative effects of networking. Minimize this by choosing your contacts carefully.

9.     Clearly distinguish between private and professional contacts.

10.   Create contact logs. It may be useful to be able review the list of contacts you have, on the challenges they face and the tips and support you have offered. You will come across as more invested and genuinely interested in supporting your contacts.

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