Our Clients:

Our business partners and clients are in various industries. There are both manufacturing companies and service companies that have often worked with us for many years. Both small, medium-sized and large corporate clients, listed companies and organizations but also family owned businesses are on our clients list. We work also with individuals particular through professional coaching and offer public training courses as well. As a flexible service provider in the design and implementation of change processes as well as strategic and operational personnel and organizational development in these companies.

In the last few years we have been able to deliver and implement many exciting projects for our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information on those. We are happy to provide more detailed information as part of the approvals granted.

Talent & Development

In addition to the training course topics presented on this website, we also develop individual talend & development products and training courses always tailored to the day-to-day business needs of our customers. Our goal is not only to convey the training content, but also to ensure that it can be used in practice. That is why we combine scientific methods with modern learning transfer concepts. This has resulted in many inhouse training courses for various work areas and employees: everything was included, from executives who were asked which competencies and skills are necessary for organizational development, to service technicians who wanted more competence in customer discussions . Individuality is crucial for us!

Team Development

Make teams stronger or make them strong in the first place. These were challenges that we regularly faced. Without a well running team, nobody can be successful. We started where the team’s current stage of development was. Through initial analysis and discussions, we were able to quickly identify where possible weak points and strengths are. This forms the basis for our thinking about possible team development activities. These took place regularly on one day or over a longer period of time. Sometimes in classroom or even outside doing some outdoor training activities in nature. We go where it is necessary and effective and offer also team development online!

Professional Coaching

Personal development is something that no manager should ever stop doing. Going the path alone is seldom successful and at some point you will get stuck and you cannot go any further. We supported many senior manager and executives leaders from a wide range of companies on their career development journeys, their personal development in their role as managers and leaders, in their team management in becoming even better and more successful. We were often faced with challenges that seemed impossible for those affected. Together we then found solutions and measures that helped to succeed in those challenges. Everyone is unique – so our coaching is also unique for everyone!