2020 was a very special year for all of us. Completely unexpectedly, from one day to the next we had to give up our previously cherished habits, put our plans for the year behind us and rearrange and redesign our everyday life. The COVID 19 pandemic has affected us drastically and it’s not over yet. So it’s no wonder if you feel exhausted and drained, insecure and sometimes overwhelmed and disoriented.

We do have something for you to help you through that: Break Your Pattern!

We used the time to develop a new business area, which has been one of our heart projects for a few years and which precisely addresses current needs and topics. So if you want to change something in your life, register for free on our online portal and take advantage of the offers and opportunities there. In addition to helpful tips and links, interesting articles, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and like-minded people and use the online training offer there, take part in virtual events and work on your topics with coaches. Stop by, we look forward to seeing you!

Our first newsletter, which you can read also here on the website as one of our blogs, provides some insight into topic of “crisis”! How have you been impacted from the COVID19 crisis? Are you paralyzed or are you using the crisis for some change? You can explore also more about this on Break Your Pattern and combine it with the use of some offers there on how to get out of your crisis.

Are you a trainer or coach and would like to be part of “Break Your Pattern”? Then please contact us. We have very attractive opportunities and offers how you can actively participate!

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