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To trust or not to trustJudith Roth

“To trust or not to trust*, that is the question from Shakespeare’s Hamlet”

- *if you are playing with the words “to be or not to be” “The…
Working in a performance orientated worldJudith Roth

Working in a performance orientated world – On the way from permanent stress to emotional exhaustion?

Globalization, digitalization, and re-organization: keywords…
The agony of choice

“The agony of choice – Head, stomach or heart? Make decisions and stick with them”

"It is our choice … that show what we truly are, far more than…
Personal Stand PointJudith Roth

Find your personal stand point! – Only those who know their personal values and goals will find the right path

Everyone who, as a young person, thinks about a dream job looks…
Stress ManagementJudith Roth

Let stress go! But: How? – Save your resources through targeted stress management!

Attention deadline Tomorrow is the deadline for the quarterly…
CrisisJudith Roth

Cheer up – especially when the water is up to your neck!

What are crises and how can they be used? This article…